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Problem with all new tables being treated as static data

varleymvarleym Posts: 4 Bronze 1
edited February 9, 2017 10:23AM in SQL Data Compare
Dear Support,

We have a problem with the default behavior of new tables that appear in the SQL Data Compare source.

By default they appear to always be treated as static data tables.

Even though the new, yet to be deployed, table is not flagged as a static data table in the Source Control tool, but because we are using the SQL Data Compare project through the command line, which derives the static data list from a SQL Data Compare Project file, and not the SQL Source Control list of static tables, the Data Compare tool assumes all new tables are static data, which is not the correct behavior.

Can this behavior be changed in the SQL Data Compare tool, with maybe an option flag, as it is breaking our deployment process.

What would solve this is to be able to use the SQL Data Compare tool from the command line without having to use a SQL Data Compare project file to identify the source which is a Subversion repository. We have to use the project file to allow us to identify the source as an SVN repository from the command line. There seems no other way.


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