Silent install SQL Compare Pro Bundle?

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We recently purchased 40 licenses of the SQL Compare Pro bundle.

I'd like to push the product to our DBAs laptops via Marimba and activate automatically. Is there a silent install option for this product?

I'm also hoping Marimba can activate the product without sending the serial key to every DBA.


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    You can extract the underlying MSIs (and MSTs with the installation paths) from the installer program by running the installer with the parameter '/extract:<directory to extract to>' and picking the products you want from the resulting installer-extraction UI. Then you can use this MSI/MST pair in the usual way that you can use any MSI/MST, including the standard quiet installation mode.

    In addition you can specify the property 'RG_LICENSE=001-001-000001-ABCD' to the MSI from the command line which should register the product assuming that the internet is accessible from the machine you're installing on and you use a valid serial number (it will just fail silently to register and install a trial version if there are any problems).

    Hope that helps - please get back to me if there are any problems or you need a more comprehensive guide to using MSIs and MSTs for quiet installation.
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