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Resource usage issue

BTPBTP Posts: 12 Bronze 2
edited January 26, 2017 6:06AM in SQL Data Compare

Today I was working on a compare project and was trying to deploy a very out of date copy of a complex database from a remote server to my local SQL

I was having to deploy single tables and I had to refresh the data many times both manually and automatically once a deploy was performed.

What happened was that I ran out of disk space on my laptop (Temp drive letter T:) and I found the following issue

every time I hit refresh, SDC creates a set of temporary files , including a 50mb file of the comparisons EACH TIME the previous set of temp files are never deleted until you actually exit the application

I had to manually delete lots of temp files to get anywhere , and then I tested this by clicking refresh a few times- the temp files in the %temp%RedGateSDC folder just went up and never down.

Eventually I closed the application and most files did get deleted apart from a few hundred that where possible because of previous crashes etc

a refresh should clear all files, I know you can cancel the refresh but it should clear the previous files after a successful refresh (compare) and delete the temp files of the canceled refresh (compare)

Edit : Latest Version tested with same results
Darren Lawrence


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