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SQL Monitor Analysis Reporting

MarkusMarkus Posts: 26 Bronze 2
edited January 26, 2017 5:49AM in SQL Monitor 6
I just upgraded to the new version of SQL Monitor. I must give a huge Thank You to the developers that created the Reporting feature that allows you to create, schedule and email these. This is SUPER TERRIFIC. This is the only thing that has been lacking in this tool was the ability to schedule and email the analysis reports.

The only thing it is lacking is the ability to have the 'compare baseline' included.

Again, thank you.

For the folks that have not upgraded to this version do so. This is a GREAT feature.


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    It looks a great feature, I cannot for the life of me get it to email a report though. Gawd knows where I'm going wrong... Email seems to be configured properly, all alerts get emailed, but setting a report to send gives no results. Anybody else having issues with emailing a report?
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    MarkusMarkus Posts: 26 Bronze 2
    In Configuration, Notification settings... at the very bottom is URL Setting defined? Mine was not and report emails were not being sent. I filled that in and reports emailed just fine.
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    Thanks Markus. There is a URL in there, but not fully qualified. I've edited it, and set a report to post at 11:00AM... Wait and see...

    No luck, still no emails.... Think I'll have to log a support call to get this fixed....
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    Please do log a support call so we can look into it further.

    In the meantime, we have added a "Send test email" button to the report email settings - this is available in the latest release, version 6.0.18

    Thanks for your feedback - we're glad you're finding the reporting feature useful.

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