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Script verification failed error is strange

saleeksaleek Posts: 5
edited January 6, 2017 4:24AM in ReadyRoll

I am currently evaluating ReadyRoll for use here with our small team of developers.

After importing and generating the script, I then ran the "Refresh" again as per the documentation.

However I receive the error:
----- executing pre-deployment script "Pre-Deployment1_Create_Database.sql" -----
# Beginning transaction
Changed database context to 'MyDatabase_DEV_johndoe_SHADOW'.
# Committing transaction

***** EXECUTING MIGRATION "Migrations001_20170103-1404_johndoe.sql", ID: {b0512f0d-b95f-43e4-9e05-2331d2ce23b1} *****
Altering members of role db_accessadmin
Altering members of role db_datareader
Altering members of role db_datawriter
Altering members of role db_owner
Creating full text catalogs
Msg 9982, Level 16, State 100, Server TORNB5CDJ192Q1NLOCALDB#D8F5C901, Line 2
Cannot use full-text search in user instance.

Why is this pointing to my local machine (TORNB5CDJ192Q1N), when the target is set on a remote server? There is no such server name in my script.

Any help appreciated.



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    By default ReadyRoll deploys to the Shadow database to the same instance as the Target database. However this can be overridden with the following setting in the project designer, so would you be able to check that this option is actually unchecked?


    Daniel Nolan
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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