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edited November 13, 2008 10:54AM in SQL Data Compare Previous Versions
SQL Compare displays the object schema (or owner) name in the list of objects with/without differences. For some reason, SQL Data Compare does not do that, at least by default.

Is it possible somehow to get SQL Data Compare to do the same thing? It's very confusing at times because we have databases with many schemas and sometimes tables with the same names in the different schemas.


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    In response to your further explanation:

    "I am using SQL Data Compare 7.0
    This is a new project, I just go to 'Tables & Views' to pick the list of
    tables to compare. I was wondering if I could do something to see the
    schema names in that view."

    If you click on the Remap Objects tab in your project configuration, it displays the table owner and allows you to map/unmap tables and to map owners. Is this what you meant?
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