Unusable: 12.0.33 - Not Responding is unacceptable

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Unlike a wise poster, I uninstalled version 11. I shall have to go back to it because v12 is unusable.

The source and target server are the same. The two databases involved present 1806 mapped objects, and 1286 tables not mapped, after TEN LONG MINUTES waiting for the "Tables & Views" page to finish up. Network speed is under 1ms round trip, so it's not a bandwidth problem. Server is W2012R2 latest patches from Saturday 2016-12-17. Laptop is Win8.1, patched 2016-12-19.

Because I DO NOT WANT ANY tables selected, I clicked on the partially-checked "uncheck all" checkbox in the heading area. ANOTHER TEN MINUTE WAIT!

To Red Gate, it may seem optimal to retrieve the entire schema, do the match-ups, etc., but to us, that's a 20-minute wait that means "don't bother with SQL Data Compare unless there's no alternative!".

If you would make Data Compare behave like SSMS, please:
    Let me FILTER before expansion/matching. Let me specify cumulative filters (AND x, OR y) Only match the chosen subset.

Suggestions on how to make this otherwise previously valuable tool usable of a DB of this size?
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  • Sorry you're having trouble here - we've had some similar feedback recently, so we're working on performance improvements for the table mappings UI, especially around selecting/deselecting large numbers of tables at a time. Hopefully we'll have something to release soon, although it's probably going to be after the New Year at this point.
  • We've just released SQL Data Compare to Frequent Updates, which some performance improvements when selecting/deselecting large numbers of tables (bug reference: SDC-2232). Does this solve your problem?
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    Will give it a whirl.


    Seems inordinately faster! About 45 seconds to deselect 2245 objects, which sure beats 10 minutes. Nice job Team. Thanks.

    Would still like it to function like SSMS, though - filter-first/nothing matched... Option, perhaps after the object retrieval step...?
    Jesus Christ: Lunatic, liar or Lord?
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