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'External' references - forcing a build

philwjonesphilwjones Posts: 3 New member
edited December 23, 2016 4:52AM in DLM Automation
I'm using TFS and Redgate DLM Automation Build extension and have separate live and dev servers. I've managed to get TFS builds and releases working on some of the databases on these servers, but some of our databases have external references to databases on the same servers - for example, a tools database which has quite a few user defined functions.

I've hit issues with these external references (with localDB in TFS) as they're preventing Redgate DLM Automation Build from completing a build and generating a nuGet package which I can use for release.

Is there a combination of parameters I can use which will force the extension to ignore any external references?



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    Hi Phil,

    The DLM Automation build process verifies the database by creating the objects that your scripts represent within the temporary database, which in your case is on LocalDb. The errors are coming from the LocalDb instance itself because when DLM Automation tries to create the objects, the external references can't be found.

    There's no way of telling it to ignore external references so you have a few options - one option is to make sure the temporary database is able to access the referenced database, so you might want to think about using the same SQL Server instance as the referenced database to build the temporary database. Alternatively, copy the referenced database to the LocalDb instance.

    There is a blog post on this subject from some members of the team responsible for creating DLM Automation. I suggest that you take a look at it as they've spent some time approaching this subject in depth - https://www.red-gate.com/blog/database- ... pendencies

    I hope this helps.
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    Redgate Software
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    philwjonesphilwjones Posts: 3 New member
    Thanks Robert. I've created a temporary build database on the dev server and used this instead of localDb. This seems to do the job nicely.
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