Issues at login for v6.0.12

JoeGTJoeGT Posts: 50
edited December 18, 2016 1:52PM in SQL Monitor 6
Have had this issue through various iterations of v6. We have SQL Monitor installed in three identical environments (hardware/configuration wise) and in one of the environments, straight after login, the following error text is displayed:

Sorry, this page cannot be found.

A public action method 'null' was not found on controller 'RedGate.Response.UI.Website.Controllers.ActiveDirectoryAccountController'.

If you think this is a problem with SQL Monitor please tell us.

Return to Global Overview

The URL it points to is:

*site name*/Account/null

If I then click on the Overview menu item, I am taken to the Global Dashboard and dont experience further issues.

So this is more an annoyance than anything but if there is some underlying issue with this installation that needs correcting, then I would like to do it to prevent further issues in the future.

Look forward to any advice.


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