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Could you tweak the suggestion UI a little bit?

ogrishmanogrishman Posts: 81 Bronze 4
edited December 9, 2016 8:01PM in SQL Prompt

As you can see in the snapshot, the suggestion name and description equally split the space, in this case the name column has more space than it needs but the description column doesn't have enough space to display its full content. Is it possible to give the name column just enough space to display all its content and give all left to the description?



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    Jessica RJessica R Posts: 1,319 Rose Gold 4
    Hi and thanks for your post!

    You can resize the suggestion box from the bottom right corner and this will allow you to see more of the description column, but it will expand the name column as well. Can you kindly add your request for being able to resize columns individually to our uservoice forum here https://redgate.uservoice.com/forums/94413-sql-prompt ?

    That way other users can vote for this request as well.

    Thank you for the suggestion!

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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