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latest upgrade crashed--badly

JimFJimF Posts: 49 Bronze 3
edited December 6, 2016 2:01PM in SQL Prompt
I just did the latest upgrade today and had a very rude surprise! I was told that the installation of 7.3 failed
Service 'Redgate Client' (RedGateClient) could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services. (MSI Error: 1603)
Of course, I do have sufficient privileges as I am an admin of my box.

At this point I restarted SSMS to see the upgrade message and try again, but SQL Prompt was completely gone. After a brief panic about losing my tab history, I manually downloaded SQLPrompt from the forum post and reinstalled it. Thankfully all of my tab history was still there after the reinstall as well as license info (less critical).

After I restarted SSMS 2016, I was told there was an upgrade for it too. I applied that before retrying SQLPrompt.

If there are any logs that I can send you, feel free to ask.
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