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The most recent version of SQL Prompt make SSMS hung

ogrishmanogrishman Posts: 81 Bronze 4
edited December 1, 2016 9:21AM in SQL Prompt
I'm using the most recent version of SQL Prompt and it makes SSMS hung several times. When I type some text and triggers the suggestion, SQL Prompt can show the suggestion window but then it disappear. SSMS is not usable at this time and I have to restart it. I've created a snapshot at this state: http://content.screencast.com/users/ogr ... -12-12.png

Not sure if this is a SQL Prompt bug. As when the problem happens, I can't operate SSMS so I can't capture logs or something that can help debug.


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    James RJames R Posts: 104 Silver 4
    Hi ogrishman,

    Thanks for your post. Since this seems like a hard bug to reproduce (and we're not even sure it's caused by SQL Prompt), it would be best for us if you could post a link to our support team on zendesk here and provide them with the logs.

    It is possible to access the log files without being in ssms by going to %LocalAppData%Red GateLogsSQL Prompt 7 on your PC and sending us the most recent log file or files.

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    ogrishmanogrishman Posts: 81 Bronze 4
    Thanks James!
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