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Hello. I'm a new user to SQL Monitor - trying to replace all my cobbled together home-grown monitoring tools I've made over the last few years.

One thing I depend on a lot is a trace that is constantly looking for queries that take over 20 seconds to run from a specific login. I'm trying to recreate this in SQL Monitor, and I see how to set the time threshold for long-running queries, but I don't see how I can limit to (or exclude) specific logins. I see the 2 exclusion boxes for SQL process names or SQL commands reg-ex, but nowhere to limit by login name.

Am I missing something, or is this just not possible at this time?

I'm running v6.0.12.5986



  • Looking at this more, I may be able to accomplish this using the Process Name exclusions. Would be easier if there was a User or Login exclusion also.
  • Another update - it looks like there are some that I really need to be able to exclude at the login or user level, unless I spend the time to put in every stored procedure called by a specific login which is less than ideal.

    Is there some way to exclude by user or login?
  • Well, it's getting worse. Is there a known bug with the long-running query alert? I have this alert set at the 'All Servers' level to trigger after 20 seconds. No levels below 'All Servers' have been configured to be anything different. Every so often, I'll get a couple long-running query emails that definitely don't meet the 20 second threshold. I just got a couple that were 6 seconds and 0 seconds. What is going on here?
  • Hi, it is not currently possible to filter the long-running queries by user or login, but this has been suggested as an enhancement and you can add votes and context to it here:
    https://sqlmonitor.uservoice.com/forums ... -to-exclud

    Kind regards
  • Thanks Adam - I placed my vote for that. I see that the suggestion is over 3 years old and has 39 votes now. Realistically, what are the odds this ever gets added?

    Also, any input as to my other issue - getting long running query alerts for queries that run less than my threshold? It's happened multiple times now.
  • Hi, thanks for voting. I understand that it looks unlikely we would address an issue now if we haven't after 3 years, but we do read and consider all the feedback we receive and it's simply a case of prioritising what we can work on at any time. Some issues seem like they would be quick to fix so I can see how it's frustrating that they're still on the backlog. However, we are releasing more frequently than ever and trying to address some of these outstanding issues, so while I can't promise we will allow greater customisation of the LRQ alerts immediately, it does help that you have raised this issue again, as it prompts us to discuss when we can fit it into our workload.

    Kind regards
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    I have installed Red Gate monitoring V11 and how can I configure long running query notification to receive all notifications except 2 SQL logins
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