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We have just started using SQL Monitor and I have some issues with the alerts.

We have been getting blasted with alerts for backups missing. The problem is that we use Always on Availability Groups. We back up the secondary database in the pair. So the primary can be weeks old if we have not failed it over for any reason. I do not want to block these alerts totally, but I would like to see if there is a way to check the server and if it is a primary in an Availability Group than not to send the backup alert.

Second we have a check on many jobs that does a check on primary or secondary, if the job finds it is running on the secondary it exits. We are getting an alert for that, I would like to get alerted only on the primary. So if the job fails when trying to execute from the primary we should get alerted.

Thanks everyone.


  • Hi MassDOT,

    From this page in our documentation under Backup overdue it says:
    If a database belongs to an availability group, the alert is only raised on the copy of the database on the primary replica. The alert is raised when all entries for a full database backup for all copies of a particular database are older than the time threshold specified for the copy of the database that is on the primary replica

    This means it should be using the Primary database's settings for the alert in Configuration > Alert settings and using the most recent of the Primary or Secondary backup date. Can you check that the alert is set up on the Primary node the same as it is on the secondary node and/or whether the settings on the Primary node would cause an alert to be raised due to the backup schedule on the secondary?

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