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Permission for list of databases

chuckredgatechuckredgate Posts: 6 Bronze 1
edited January 3, 2017 10:46AM in SQL Compare 11
When I try to use SQL Compare and I am trying to set the database source, I get an error.
"The list of databases for the specified SQL Server could not be retrieved: Login failed for user xyz"

What permissions are needed for getting the list of databases? I do not want to get into each database, I only need to get into a couple of them. But I need to be able to get the list of databases for setting the database source.


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    I can use the command line to compare the databases, but I am still unable to use the user interface. It would be good to know what permissions the RedGate compare tool requires to get the list of databases on a database server. The permission used to build the drop down list of databases on the user interface.
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    Sorry you're having trouble here- you should be able to type in a database name if you know it already, so you don't actually need to list databases. Hopefully that works around the problem

    For reference, the sql we run is
    SELECT name, cmptlevel, sid, status FROM dbo.sysdatabases ORDER BY name
    We run this query against the master database - maybe that's why you're seeing login errors?
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