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Having just installed Source Control (v5.3) on my SQL Client 2008, I have only just realised that Redgate does not officially support this to work with SQL Server 2005, which is the server we use.
(sad, I know)

Is this simply because SQL Server 2005 is officially too old, soon to be out of support by MS, or are there strict technical reasons for this?
If so, should we be using Source Control version 4 instead?

I'm not really worried about the discrepancy if it is simply an official support issue but of course a bit more worried if there are strict technical incompatibilities.

The above also applies to the server side Object Locking script. It says it requires SQL Server 2008 but looking at the actual SQL code it runs there seems to be nothing 2008 specific in there, it seems to be all 2005 compatible. Which again indicates that this has more to do with official product life time issues than anything else?

Does this sound plausible?


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    As you correctly point out SQL Source Control 5 does not support SQL Server 2005.

    Regarding the reasoning behind it, you are broadly correct: SQL Server 2005 is a legacy DBMS nowadays and starting with version 5 we no longer take any SQL Server 2005 specific conditions in account when developing SQL Source Control or test new releases on it.

    So in short it might work, however it would be more prudent to use version 4 if connecting to SQL Server 2005.
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