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RR includes the creation of users in the table script?

BwandowandoBwandowando Posts: 4
edited November 15, 2016 1:14AM in ReadyRoll
I tried sync'ing my RR database project and it picked-up within the TABLE script the create user/ login(s) scripts as seen below



below is my SQLPROJ, as you can see, i've configured my project to exclude all users and role but why is RR picking them up?


i dont get it


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    I'm sorry to hear that you're running into a problem with the exclusion rules.

    Unfortunately I was unable to reproduce the problem with the supplied sqlproj snippet. Would you mind trying the following?
      * Perform a build of the project and then attempt the import. This forces the cache within the DbSync tool to be reset. * Confirm that there is only one instance of the <ExcludeObjectsFromImport> tag within the sqlproj (remove any duplicates that might exist) * Does the redacted regex contain any special characters? If so, are all such characters escaped? * If you create a new sqlproj and paste in the <ExcludeObjectsFromImport> tag, are the objects still imported?

    If none of the above helps, would you mind please sending your sqlproj file onto support@red-gate.com and mention the URL of this forum post with my name, and I will look into it further.

    Many thanks,
    Daniel Nolan
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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