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I'm a DBA in a Microsoft Dynamics AX environment. We have multiple development and testing servers each with their own sql instances. We're still currently on SQL Sever 2005 for now.

I have 1 license of SQL Backup. In order for me to backup our production database and restore to a multiple sql development/testing instances, do I need a license for each server I'm restoring to?


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    You have 2 options with regards to restoring the backups:

    1 - convert the SQL Backup file to native SQL Server backup file, then restore the database
    The SQL Backup converter does not require a license. Disadvantage is that you will need more disk space to store the native SQL Server backup file prior to restoring the database.

    2 - use SQL Backup to restore the database directly
    You will require SQL Backup licenses to do this, but do contact [email protected], who might be able to set you up with restore-only licenses.
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  • Thank you. I'll try those suggestions.
  • Yes Manderson its better to convert DB to Microsoft based one so that the compatibility issue will be cleared so that your can perform any action in smooth way. Its better to take back up of data before you go ahead. Better to do such kind of operations in the presence of Dynamics AX Developers so that if you face any complexity they will resolve immediately. all the best.
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