Project-Refrenced CLR Assemblies Not Recognized

brockweaverbrockweaver Posts: 4 Bronze 1
edited November 4, 2016 10:44AM in SQL Compare
I'm using version (trial). If my database project references a CLR using a Project Reference in Visual Studio (i.e. it's another project in the solution, and is referenced as such), that CLR is not included in the compare. However, if I reference that same assembly using a File Reference (i.e. as a dll file), it is recognized.

Is this a known / expected limitation? Will this be addressed in a future release?

Not a deal breaker, but I am evaluating the product for our company's use and I need to know if I should put this in the "Will Be Fixed" or "Does Not Support" status.

I love your product, by the way. Very, very useful.


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