Need Data Compare to dump Table & View results to excel

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New to Data Compare Tool.
We are trying to upgrade a third party Vendor database to the latest version but we have lots of code based on the table, view, stored procedures, and functions in the old version and want to be sure that all that still exists in upgraded version.
When reviewing Tables & Views in the The Data Compare tool (version 12) we can see some missing tables, new tables, and column changes in older tables. We need to be able to pull this report out to be able to review all the changes but I do not see an option for looking at this in an xml or excel (xlsx) format? We have to be able to document and html and pdf formats do not work easily to accomplish this.
I would hate to have to manually go through your page re-typing this information so I can pass it to the development team to review and document.


  • It sounds like you want to compare the schemas, rather than the data. SQL Compare can do this for you, including the report generation, while Data Compare is mainly geared towards working with the data. SQL Compare will also let you select differences and deploy them if you want to make the database schemas more consistent with each other.

    Another possibility would be to use SQL Doc to generate documentation for an individual database.
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  • Thanks Sam for the comments but in talking with Redgate it seems I need to put in a future enhancement request. I really wanted a way to take the information from the Data Compare that shows the tables and views with the columns that were added, removed, or changed datatype from the third party vendors database from the version we were using in production to their latest database version. They have a nice format but unfortunately there is no way to export that view and the reports that are given by SQL Compare and SQL Doc are not as clean and take lots of manipulation to get the same information.
    To have to take the HTML report, take a screen snapshot of the change, mark it and send to to a developer to check his code is a ton of work on a database with 277 table changes. Almost as bad as having to type a copy of the information that is sitting right in front of me on the screen from the Data Compare table and Views tab. Very frustrating. Glad I have some place to vent! :D
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