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Command Line Prompt Deploy to multiple DB at the same time.

jamesytljamesytl Posts: 6
edited November 2, 2016 5:36AM in SQL Compare

I'm new to redgate and wish to ask something.

I have read the https://documentation.red-gate.com/display/SC12/Simple+examples+using+the+command+line and understand that I can use command prompt to deploy table structure changes to other DB.

However, what I really want to accomplish is to deploy more than 1 DB at the same time.

Example : sqlcompare /Database1:WidgetStaging /Database2:WidgetProduction /Database3:WidgetProduction /Database4:WidgetProduction.... /Synchronize

Is it possible to do so?

Advise and help are much appreciated.


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    SQL Compare only deploys to one database at a time. If you wanted to run exactly the same script on multiple databases you could use SQL Multiscript, but if you want to generate a tailored deployment script for each database it would probably be better to call SQL Compare in a loop.
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    Use cmd compare two db -> generate deployment script based on db structure difference (not data) -> output deployment script to a folder

    Is it possible to carry out the flow I mentioned above? If yes what is cmd needed to generate the script.

    I will just go for my own multi-db deployment way if the flow above can work.
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