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On Switch Deployment Direction

Vijay KannanVijay Kannan Posts: 13
edited November 2, 2016 1:16PM in SQL Data Compare
When I want to reverse Sync using Switch Deployment Direction SQL Data Compare is running the Comparision again. This is not used to be case earlier. Why are you comparing it again when I want to reverse sync.

Am I am missing something?




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    Hey Vijay,

    Thanks for your post!
    What version were you using previously and what version are you using now?
    I tested this in v11.6 and it re-compares if you switch the direction.

    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
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    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry Completely Forgot. Currently I am using SQL Data Compare

    Earlier I have been using SQL Data Compare I tested one more time to make sure I am not giving any wrong info.

    No it does not. When you compare and then reverse Sync. It does not compare again.

    I am not why it was changed it SQL 12 and SQL 11.6 as you said.


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    sam88jeepsam88jeep Posts: 14 Bronze 2
    I have the same issue... Data Compare reevaluates all the data if you switch directions. This is a real time loss because I often am cherry picking good data between two servers... and need to switch directions regularly.
    Any chance a fix is on the way?
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