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Unable to use arrow keys to select intellisense suggestions.

hakuKalayhakuKalay Posts: 6
edited October 31, 2016 9:14AM in SQL Prompt
In Visual Studio - 2013, I cannot use up or down arrow to go through the sql prompt intellisense suggested items. When I use the up/down, nothing happens. I have to reach for the mouse to choose from the suggested items. I am sure it is easy to imagine how annoying this issue is. How can I solve this problem? I am using-2013 ulitmate, SQL Prompt – V


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi hakuKalay,

    Do you have any other extensions installed into VS2013? I'm wondering if another extension is handling the arrow key press events before they reach the SQL Prompt suggestions popup.

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    Hello, Aaron. Yes, I do have other extensions and I figured this issue was due to VsVim. As a workaround, I configured Visual Studio to assign Alt+J and Alt+K to Edit.LineDown and Edit.LineUp when in TSql Editor. That is working so far. Thank-you!
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