Profiled WPF-Programm immedately ends after start

FrankSFrankS Posts: 6 New member
Hi folks,

I have a strange and new behaviour of the profiler (7.4 professional).

I start profiling via VS-plugin (ANTS > profile performance). The profiler UI loads and after 2 seconds, it summerizes the results - without my WPF programm even started. Strange thing is, that it worked like 2 times in 30 tries. I can start my program normaly without the profiler and it loads as expected. I tried to cleanup project, recompile project, restart VS, but nothing worked. I did nothing special, when the profiler was able to start my program.

My specs are:
Windows 10 Enterprise
VS 2015 Enterprise
ANTS profiler 7.4 professional


PS: Seems like it is more likely to work, when I did something else for a while. So maybe some issues with file-locks that expire after a certain time?


  • FrankSFrankS Posts: 6 New member
    Strange. After doing something else for 2 hours and returning to profiling ... it worked again and kept working, even though I changed some lines of code (and recompile because of that) ...
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