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Recommended Configuration

pcousinspcousins Posts: 9 Bronze 1
edited October 27, 2016 10:12AM in DLM Automation
We've been using SQL Source Code Control with VisualSVN for some time now, but are looking to move to Team Foundation Server "15" RC2, so that we can also do automated deployments more easily using Redgates DLM Automation. I've also been trying out DLM dashboard on my laptop, but would like to get that running properly on a server.
So, I need some help with building the servers to do all this. How many do I need? I've read lots of documentation, and it looks like I need at least one for the TFS server, and one for a Build Server. The SQL Database will be on our High Availability Cluster. Do I need any more servers for DLM Automation and/or DLM Dashboard? What's recommended? I could throw it all on one server, but as they're VMs, I'd rather follow best practice.
Any thoughts extremely welcome,
Pete Cousins.


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    Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,789 Rose Gold 5
    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    DLM Automation has not yet been tested upon Team Foundation Server "15" RC2.

    With regards to where you place or install the components:

    DLM Dashboard
    You can install DLM Dashboard on any machine that can talk to your SQL Servers over the network. Make sure that machine has .NET Framework 4.5 installed.
    To access DLM Dashboard, you need the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer web browsers.

    Further reading can be found HERE.

    The Redgate DLM Automation components need to be installed on the same machine where the build agent is located. Some organisations have the TFS Server and build server on the same machine, others have two separate machines. The choice is entirely one for you to make.

    Further reading on DLM Automation can be found HERE.

    Many thanks
    Eddie Davis
    Senior Product Support Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd
    Email: support@red-gate.com
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