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Getting DLM Automation 1 for Visual Studio Team Services

ewomackewomack Posts: 15
edited October 27, 2016 9:32AM in DLM Automation

I need to install DLM Automation 1 on an instance of Visual Studio Team Services. I previously installed DLM Automation on a test instance, but now I need to install it on a different instance.

But when I browse the marketplace in VSTS I now only see DLM Automation 2 as an add-in for VSTS.

The install page on Visual Studio Marketplace now says: "This extension is for DLM Automation 2 (the latest available version of DLM Automation). If you aren't using DLM Automation 2, don't use this extension as it will not work with DLM Automation 1."

This may explain some issues I'm having since I did download DLM Automation 2 and the Build isn't working against the same database code repository.

Thank you!


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    In the meantime, I have upgraded to DLM Automation 2, but now I see that the approach I was taking for user account is not working for DLM 2.

    Basically, I was putting all of the user accounts in the code repository and filtering them out with each environment. Now the build fails on the service account that needs to be there for all of the environments. I get the message "account already exists for [service account]" which did not happen with DLM 1.
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