Configure alert settings for specific Deadlocks etc

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We've just updated to SQL Monitor 6. We was hoping there was a feature in this to change alert settings for Deadlocks with specific lock details rather than just all Deadklocks.

For example

we don't want email alerts on: Deadlock 'object: ReportServerTempDB.dbo.SessionLock, lock mode: Exclusive (X), index: IDX_SessionLock

However we wish to receive emails when: Deadlock 'dbid: 6, object id: 72057594038845440, index id: (9bf78693a4b4)'

Any suggestions/advise would be great


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    Hi tickett.ash,

    Unfortunately as you have found there is not yet a way to ignore certain deadlocks based on a criteria - at this point in time an alert is raised for each deadlock. I have found an internal enhancement request SRP-3285 related to this and have +1 it for you but it is not high on the developers list of future enhancements.

    It would also be a good idea to raise a Uservoice suggestion related to this for others to vote upon as there is only one other request on the internal issue at this point in time.

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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    Thanks for the reply Alex.

    I have created a uservoice post with the idea:
    https://sqlmonitor.uservoice.com/forums ... ck-details
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