Version 12 not correctly finding compare keys

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I have a database that has PKs defined for all its tables. When using Data Compare 11, it correctly finds and uses all of the keys. When I went to do a compare today with Version 12 ( it was unable to recognize the keys in about a third of the tables and was also not showing the PK fields in some cases. I went back and used version 11 and it mapped the tables without issue, so I did my sync with that. Version 12 showed no error, just simply acted like 1/3 of my tables didn't have PK fields defined.

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    I had the same problem and also reverted back to 11. I think it has to do with the fact that SQL Data Compare 12 has VERY minimal defaults selected under project options. If you go to project options then hit the "Redgate defaults" button at the bottom you will see that it selects "Include Identity columns". I believe that is your issue. If you then click "Save as my defaults" this should solve your issue.
  • Thanks for the information - it sounds like there's some problem where the default project options aren't correctly getting set to Redgate defaults or your own defaults - could you confirm that? It's not something we've seen here but we could have a look if that turns out to be the case
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    No, once I set them they stuck. My defaults came up fine this morning with the "Include Identity columns" selected.
  • All,
    You were correct it was the Options that was the issue. It seems odd that out of the box it doesn't either use the Red Gate defaults or import them from a previous version if it exists.
    The default install had only one item checked out of all the possible options. I first tried the Red Gate defaults, then added a couple more to what I'm used to and now it seems to work fine.

    Dave Bennett
  • Ah, I see - in general, we try to import settings from v11 or use sensible defaults where possible, but it sounds like that might not have been working properly in this case. I'll write up a bug report and see if there's something we can fix here
  • Were you loading a project you saved in V11, or did you start a new project in V12 and re-enter the connection info?
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