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Table names incorrect in progress dialog box

jmeyerjmeyer Posts: 70 Bronze 2
edited October 11, 2016 9:36AM in SQL Data Compare
SQL Data Compare version

I have a variety of tables that contain underscores as part of the names. If I run DataCompare on those tables then the progress dialogs do cut off the first underscore in the table names. This seems to happen independent of the length of the tablename.
Tablename --> Progress dialog
PHEAA_master_SD_analytics --> PHEAAmaster_SD_analytics
PHEAA_master_RS --> PHEAAmaster_RS
PHEAA_master_SD_ref_letter_desc --> PHEAAmaster_SD_ref_letter_desc
PHEAA_master_SD_School_Codes_OPEID --> PHEAAmaster_SD_School_Codes_OPEID


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    Thanks for your feedback, it does look like something a little strange is happening here. I've logged a bug with reference SDC-2216 for us to look into this.

    I believe that the underscores are being treated by WPF as an indicator that the next character should be a keyboard hotkey to move to that element. There should be a way to switch this behaviour off which should fix the issue.
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    We think we've fixed this in the latest Frequent Update version, Does this version work for you?
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    jmeyerjmeyer Posts: 70 Bronze 2

    This appears to be fixed in the latest version.
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