How do I commit *from* source control

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Newbie here. I get that I can make changes in SQL and then commit them to source control, but what if I've updated a script in my source control (SVN)? From the Red-Gate Source Control I can only commit changes from Database version to Latest source control version.

I get that I could just copy the script(s) from my source control and run them in SSMS, but I just figured there'd be a different way.


  • Hey Jbrune,

    Thanks for contacting us!

    In cases where you would want to apply scripts (stored in the repository) to the database - you would use link to the repository folder using the Dedicated model- which gives you the option to "Get latest" from the repository because it assumes that each developer has their own copy of the database and they are committing to and getting from that same folder. See the "Switching to dedicated development" model for information on how to set that up ... ated+model

    If you are using the Shared model - then Source Control assumes that developers work on a single copy of the database- so you can only Commit to the repository, because no changes would be made to the repository before they were made to the database. ... ared+model

    Do let me know if you have any questions or issues about the above!

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