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edited November 11, 2016 4:23AM in SQL Compare
V12 results summary shows SERVERNAME not SERVERNAME.DBNAME like v10 A retrograde step when comparing dev and test databases on the same server.

Also the old radio buttons that defaulted to "Database" in v10 meant fewer clicks when starting a new project for people that usually compare db to db like me. It's an annoyance having to always choose "Database" in Source and Target.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your feedback on V12. Could you confirm where in the results summary you are referring to that you only see the server name. This should be fairly easy to get added.
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    Hi, thanks for the quick response.

    On the main results pane, where you get the expandable sections showing the differences eg:

    33 in both, but different
    10 only in server1
    5 only in server1
    234 identical

    It used to say

    33 objects that exist in both but are different
    10 objects that exist only in SERVER1.SOURCEDB
    5 objects that exist only in SERVER1.TARGETDB
    234 identical objects

    I have to say comparing them side by side, even the old icons were more informative at a glance.

    Please don't go down the horrible "flat" look like other software houses and mess with style too much - Redgate software has so far been the only one I use regularly that usually genuinely gets better and more useable with an update, and doesn't just get shinier :)
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    Just came to post the same feedback and saw it's already done.
  • Hi,

    We have fixed this issue in the latest frequent updates release (
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  • Many thanks for the extremely prompt response!
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