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Git Push on Shared Development Model

carloscarlos Posts: 3
edited October 5, 2016 8:33AM in SQL Source Control
Hello All,

We are running SQL Source 5 with GIT repositories and an shared Development database server.

When we are using the development model "Dedicated" it is possible to commit and push code to our remote GIT server. The problem is that when a new developer starts and links the GIT repository to the database, all current changes in the database are marked as conflicts.

So we migrated on database to the development model 'Shared', now changes are marked as new and we can commit our changes. We only don't have the Push button in Source Control anymore. Anyone has an idea why not or how to activate this?


Carlos Klop


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    Hi Carlos,

    When a new developer links the Git repository to the database, the machine is unable to decide if the difference between the database and the repository is because there is a change that needs to be committed to the repository or a change that needs to be applied to the database, so it flags them as a conflict. It's only a problem if you want to commit the object, and in that case you can always select "use mine" in the conflict window.

    How are you linking to Git using the shared development model? Usually when you link to Git you don't get a choice of development model - dedicated is assumed.
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    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the response.

    When you select 'Other' in the 'Choose your source control system' you can choose between 'Dedicated database' or 'Shared database'. Also you can still choose the Git source control system.


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    Hi Carlos,

    That uses the old command line hook method of linking to Git, which is not capable of pushing or pulling. That is why you won't see those buttons.
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    Hi Rob,

    I have the same problem. So can you tell me how to choose shared model while linking database using "Link to my source control system" option from setup page.

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    Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5
    Hi Imran,

    I am afraid that it's not possible to use the Shared model when using the default Git connection method (the one that you would select straight away in the "Link to my source control system" page).

    This was a design choice as we believe that Git works best with the dedicated model.

    Thank you,
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