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visual contrast

tslagtertslagter Posts: 19 Bronze 2
edited January 3, 2017 12:10PM in SQL Data Compare
This has been mentioned a few times in other posts, but mostly as a side note. I'm lucky to have great eyesight, and I have a hard time with the utter lack of any contrast in v12. The lack of any gridlines and the use of the same shades of blue everywhere make everything blend together.

I've currently got v11 and v12 both up side-by-side, and v11 is FAR easier to read and understand at a glance. There's contrast between the silver controls, the yellow highlighted table, the red indicators showing the direction of the deploy. There's clear visual separation between the top section and the rows below. I can fairly easily see the "grouping" of the columns below, with the gray and red differentiation between the "to" and "from" databases. On v12, even the little arrows attached to each and every checkbox (in exactly the same color as the checkmarks) just make it harder to easily see which checkboxes are checked.

If you were to test me by asking me to pick out individual items, I might be just as fast on v12 as v11, but in daily use on a regular basis, it just adds to eyestrain and stress. I'll be going back to v11 for now.


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    Thanks for your comments on Compare V12.

    We have had lots of feedback about the new visual style of the tool and we are collating the responses received before planning any changes.

    In particular, we have noted your feedback about the lack of contrast in the differences grid.
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    As mentioned in the SQL Compare thread, we've changed the highlighting to yellow for our 12.0.40 release, which is now on our frequent updates channel. What do you think?
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    tslagtertslagter Posts: 19 Bronze 2
    That helps, although I'd love to see gridlines added back as well.

    I would still much prefer some stronger visual distinction between the major sections: in v11, the headers for each section stand out and that not only clearly defines these sections, but since they look different than the toolbar and the controls within the section, everything is easily found. I think the main problem is that the color of the "non-deploy" database header is the same color as the difference types headers, and it is too similar to the toolbar color; I think changing that one item would help a lot.

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