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SQL Prompt menu not available in SSMS

jesus_varelajesus_varela Posts: 4
edited September 30, 2016 10:08AM in SQL Prompt

I have re-installed SQL Prompt on my computer, and even after that the SQL Prompt menu does not show up in SQL Server Management Studio.

I have SSMS 2016.

Any help is appreciated.
Jesus Varela.


  • Hi Jesus,

    There is an option in one of our XML configuration files called AlwaysRecreateCommands that might help with this. If you set the value to True, does this get the menu back?

    The XML file can be found in %localappdata%Red GateSQL Prompt 7 and is called RedGate_SQLPrompt_CommonUI_Options_UIOptions.xml

    Best regards,

  • Hello David...

    I checked into that option on the XML configuration file (RedGate_SQLPrompt_CommonUI_Options_UIOptions.xml), and the value for the option "AlwaysRecreateCommands" was False, so I changed to True, restart SSMS and then the "SQL Prompt" came back again.

    This helps to recover the "SQL Prompth" menu!

    One last question:
    - Is it OK to change the shortcut letter on the "SQL Prompt" menu?, on previous versions of SSMS it used to be the letter "S", but now is set on the letter "o": SQL Pr&ompt
    - If this change is possible to do, I see 2 items listed for "SQL Prompt" under the Controls list, should I need to change the shortcut letter for both?

    Thanks for your help!
  • Hello, I have above option and it is still not working me to connect. I tired to uninstall and reinstalled, but there is no progress. I am using SSMS 2014
  • I have the same problem as @saravanakumar. I have SSMS 2014 and red gate SQL Prompt stopped working for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled the extension and now the sql prompt menu is gone. please help
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