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Column Order?

PaulyWPaulyW Posts: 7
edited September 29, 2016 11:00AM in SQL Compare

Maybe I'm being thick but I've never found an option in SQL Compare to sort table columns by name in the source. This is something that would have got me out of a muddle many times in the past ....

In the scenario where I'm checking data types in the same table across two databases ideally I would like all matching columns (based on name in the source objects) to be shown first and on the same row as each other to aid that process..

At the moment if the column order is different between the tables then it totally throws out the visual representation of the results and I'm scrolling up and down trying to find matches between the two (on name) to check that datatypes are the same.

This is what I'd like:

ColA ColA
ColB ColB
ColC ColC
ColD ColD

But this is generally what SQL Compare shows (not entirely sure why there's sometimes a gap in the 'destination' column list...):

ColA ColA
ColA3 ColB
ColB ColC
ColC ColD

If it can be done then would love to know how. If it can't, could I suggest it as a new feature? :)


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