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"Latest source control version" out of date

PlyocidePlyocide Posts: 4 New member
edited October 14, 2016 7:04AM in SQL Source Control
SQL Source Control Version
Subversion 1.9.4

When I check to see if I have any changes to commit, one table shows up with differences from what SQL Source Control thinks is in my repository. The right-side pane at the bottom of the "Commit" screen, shows the "Latest source control version" contains TEXTIMAGE_ON [PRIMARY], but my Database version does not have that.

When I commit that change (to remove TEXTIMAGE_ON [PRIMARY]), the "Commit" screen reloads and the same table is still shown as needing to commit changes. The change, is the exact same one that was just committed (allegedly).

If I pull updates from Subversion and open the table .sql file, there is no TEXTIMAGE_ON [PRIMARY] present in the source control copy of the file.

Why is the "Latest source control version" (right-side pane) on the commit screen showing this when it isn't present in the latest version I've grabbed from Subversion?

Ironically, the same Commit also shows 3 other tables that apparently need changes checked in, but when I look at what the difference are, there are none. If I try to commit one of the tables with no changes, then SQL Source Control throws an error when sending the file to source control ("Nothing to commit"), but never clears the table from the list of commits needed.


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    PlyocidePlyocide Posts: 4 New member
    Latest update. I decided to try a new, separate Subversion repository.

    Unlinked the database from source control (Subversion).
    Created a new Subversion repository.
    Linked the database to the new repository.
    Performed a Commit to push the initial checkin into Subversion.
    Verified that "Get latest" had no updates.
    Clicked on the "Commit" tab. My table is still in the list of changes that need to be commited ("Last changed by" is "unknown", not my name).
    "Latest source control version" still shows TEXTIMAGE_ON [PRIMARY] at the end of the TABLE declaration as the lone difference.
    If I pull updates from Subversion (we're using Tortoise SVN), the local copy of the .sql file does NOT contain "TEXTIMAGE_ON".
    I tried clearing the local cache for SQL Source Control 5, but nothing changed.

    Where is SQL Source Control getting this copy it's loading into the "Latest source control version" pane?

    The 3 tables that were showing no changes before, are still showing no changes, but SQL Source Control wants to commit something (though this fails with "Nothing to commit" when I try).
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    PlyocidePlyocide Posts: 4 New member
    After working with Support, my issues were related to a bug that was fixed in SQL Source Control
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