FeatureAnalysis XLSM not working in Excel 2013

Shai-HuludShai-Hulud Posts: 9
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we have just been upgraded to Excel 2013 and the XLSM we were using for feature analysis is no longer working. All Form Controls are "locked" out, i.e. they show up as if in design mode. I tried all "tricks" I could get hold of, such as removing all *.exd files, forcing a recompile of the VBA (thus killing the XLSM's signature) but to no avail.

Is there any updated version out there that works with Excel 2013? I tries the current one but to no avail




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    lorein0688lorein0688 Posts: 1 New member

    Can you try changing your Excel settings to always allow macros without asking? If it doesn't help, try commenting out workbook_open() sub in Excel 2013, and after that check how it works.

    Or else try deleting  VBE7.DLL and then launch Excel with an .xlsm file it will reinstall VBA and the Macros will work again.  

    Hope doing this help you out. http://www.repairmsexcel.com

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