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SQL Data Compare 7.1 Upgrade causes multiple problems

dmezackdmezack Posts: 2
Since running the upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1 the shortcut on the start menu to start SQL Datacompare now pops an error up saying "Parameter Incorrect". I was still able to manually run the application by going to its directory and double-clicking RedGate.SQLDataCompare.UI.exe. Unfortunately, all of my previously saved projects have lost their table "mappings" so they can no longer work. These mappings were not custom, but rather default simple mappings between tables with the same name. In addition, upon creating a new project between 2 databases with many tables of the same name/columns, no mappings are automatically found/created for me. This problem is going to cost me a ton of time to fix if I have to manually create these mappings. Oh, also clicking "Restore Default Mappings" creates no mappings for me, so that doesn't fix it either...
Please help!


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    I'm sorry that you've experienced these problems. We are aware that there is an issue with mapping in version 7.1 of SQL Data Compare and so the developers have produced a private patch which should address this. I've pm'd you with the link to the download.

    (Anyone else having mapping issues in version 7.1 should get in touch with support - support@red-gate.com - who will be able to provide you with the link to the patch)
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