Command line error

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edited October 10, 2016 5:55AM in SQL Data Compare
So, I use this little script from a batch file for doing data compare. It works fine in 11.x.

However, 12 it does not. Below is the sample script and the error message.

del "D:out.log"
cd /d "C:Program Files (x86)Red GateSQL Data Compare 12"
SQLDataCompare.exe /Project:"%USERPROFILE%x v y.scp" /Options:d,is,iid,its,drd,t,ucc,ctf /Out:"D:out.log" /Synchronize

Error: Unable to create output file D:out.log. Error: Cannot redirect
output to file 'D:Toolsx.log' because the file already exists.

The program appears to hang. A blank output file is created where it didn't exist before.

Do I have something wrong with switches? Or maybe a bug?

Thank you.


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