Integrating SQL Monitor with Service Now

BazzFreemanBazzFreeman Posts: 3 Bronze 1
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I'm in the middle of trialing SQL Monitor and was wondering if anyone has done any integration with with Service Now?

This is something I'll be playing with next week.


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    sally753sally753 Posts: 6 New member
    I am using SQL Monitor with Service Now. For some SQL Monitor alerts an email is sent to Service Now. Service Now has been set up to recognize who the email comes from and from that information creates an incident for the SQL DBA team queue. This works pretty good. But because we are doing this we have to have SQL Monitor set to NOT send an email when an alert has cleared otherwise it would go to Service Now. This would be more useful if the email alerts could be customized at the alert type, rather than globally. This is for various alert levels (high, medium, low) and when to send an email.

    I've also set up an interface with SQL Monitor comments. I have a SQL job that checks for new comments. It reads the comments in the SQL Monitor database. If the comment is formatted a specific way the job will send an email to Service Now as either an incident or request. Service Now knows from the email address, and also from specific text in the email whether to create an alert or a request and assign it to the SQL DBA group along with some other information specific to Service Now.
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    Hi Sally,
    I need your help in achieving this SQL monitor with ServiceNow configuration, can you please share the steps to achieve this.
    Thank you
    Avinash Bandaru
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    sanjaysanjay Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    SQL monitor with ServiceNow configuration, can you please share the steps to achieve this?
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    Hi All,
    I found a solution to this finally, i have used webhooks to integrate.
    No limitations or no issue for now.
    please write to avinashbandari24@gmail.com for any help
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