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Running a deployment script - where's the window?

sqlpadawansqlpadawan Posts: 6
edited October 6, 2016 8:07AM in SQL Data Compare
So i'm running a deployment, and the deployment window has minimized and won't open. I can see the script is running through the activity monitor on server, but can't tell if it's 9% or 90% done.

How do I get back to the deployment windows?

As much as I like my Red Gate tools, I feel like a guinea pig with this latest release.


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    Did the window appear that way or was it minimized manually?

    We are aware of some issues around window parenting in V12, so another possibility is that the window is not actually minimized but hidden behind another window.

    The exact steps you took to get this to happen would be useful, if this is something that you can reproduce reliably.
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