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Does anyone know where SQL Backup stores the data for time taken and if its possible to retrieve this in a report?


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    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    The backup and restore information see in the Activity History is held the data.sdf for the SQL Instance. The data.sdf file is a SQL Server Compact Edition file, created when you install the SQL Backup Server Components. By default, you will find the data.sdf file in this path on the SQL Server: C:ProgramDataRed GateSQL BackupData<SQL Instance Name>
    You can use SSMS to connect and query the data.sdf file.

    There is a reporting feature within SQL Backup, further information can be found HERE.

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  • I have two issues related to this topic.
    First, when I use SSMS 2008R2 to connect to the Compact Edition database I am prompted for a password. I have tried my Backup Agent account password, the SQL Engine Account password, and the SQL Agent password with no luck.
    What is the password for this file and where/when/how is it set?

    Second, when I tried to connect with SSMS 2014/2016 I don't see a entry for Compact Edition in the Connect dialog. Is this really true?

    Ray Herring
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    There is no password set for the local database file. SSMS 2014 onwards do not support SQL Server Compact.

    Another option to access the tables is via the sqbdata extended stored procedure e.g. in SSMS when connected to your SQL Server instance:

    EXEC master..sqbdata 'SELECT * FROM backuphistory'

    The tables are:
    • backuphistory
    • backuplog
    • backupfiles
    • backupfiles_copylist
    • backupfiles_copylist_log
    • restorehistory
    • restorelog
    • restorefiles
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