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Connection to Subversion Source Control system error

aburkeaburke Posts: 3
edited September 26, 2016 9:42AM in SQL Source Control

I’m getting a 'cannot connect to server' error when linking the SQL database to my Source control system which is a Subversion Source control system hosted on cloud-based tool Assembla.
I realised that it was probably due to our use of a proxy server for internet access.
To resolve this issue I downloaded a Client tool called TortoiseSVN. In the Network settings in this tool I was able to enable the proxy server. Afterwards I was able to link successfully my SQL database to my Source control system in SQL Source Control.
Is there a way to enable the proxy server for SQL Source control without using this 3rd party tool?



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    Hi Aidan,

    You can't configure this within SQL Source Control but there is a way to manually set the proxy server settings for Subversion clients. You need to open your %AppData%Subversionservers file in a text editor and look for the section headed with [global]. You then need to uncomment the lines that refer to the proxy and edit the configuration values. It should look something like the following -
    http-proxy-exceptions = *.exception.com, www.internal-site.org
    http-proxy-host = myproxy.mycompany.com
    http-proxy-port = 7000
    http-proxy-username = myUsername
    http-proxy-password = myPassword
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    Yep. That worked. Thanks.
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