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Please make the color to highlight differences configurable

ryanmorrisroeryanmorrisroe Posts: 12 Bronze 1
edited December 6, 2016 3:25PM in SQL Compare
Looks like it was changed from yellow to light blue. Given that most SQL keywords are displayed as blue text, it can make a one-line difference easy to miss while scrolling though. Ideally you could just make it a configurable option so anyone could pick the color of their choice, but if not please change it to something that stands out more than the new blue does.


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    Thanks for your feedback. To confirm, are these SQL keywords are on the lighter or the darker of the highlighting we do in the differences pane? Could you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing?
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    I was more referring to the highlighting of the line where there's a difference. If you're looking on the left pane for highlights it seems a lot easier to miss the light blue among all the other blue on the page than it is the previous yellow highlighting, which doesn't show up in any keyword colors. It's hardly a major issue, but it would be nice if that color was configurable or something that stands out a bit more than the current color palette.

    Screenshot with the comparison attached.

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    We've changed the highlighting to yellow for our 12.0.40 release, which is now on our frequent updates channel. Does this help?

    We're still in the process of deciding whether to make this change permanent, roll it back or take it further.
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    Tried it out - at least in my own opinion the new color scheme is much better and makes it easier to notice differences. Thanks!
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