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Problems with dialog box that shows up on left side

jbrunejbrune Posts: 13 Bronze 1
edited November 11, 2016 5:32PM in SQL Prompt
Is there a way to disable the functionality of the pop up block box that appears on the left hand side when you press the CTRL key twice? I'm not sure what to call it. It's a minor annoyance when it pops up most times, and a major annoyance when it semi-freezes my SSMS. I can still type, but my backspace and delete keys don't work, nor do my arrow keys. I have to kill SSMS and restart it. I'd like to add a screenshot of what I'm talking about but I don't seems to be able to add pics. Any suggestions of where to post images to link to?


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi jbrune,

    Which version of SQL Prompt are you currently using?

    If it's the actions list that you'd like to disable then you should be able to right click on it in recent versions of SQL Prompt:

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    jbrunejbrune Posts: 13 Bronze 1
    Thank you!

    There is obviously a bug in there somewhere, but I don't use it anyhow so I won't put in a ticket for it.
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    I almost uninstalled SQL Prompt in a fit of rage with this annoying little PITA feature!!!!!! I use Ctrl + 5 in lieu of F5. The little icon would pop up and no execution would happen. Talk about a major irritation. I searched all the preferences and didn't find an option to change the hotkey. Then I found this thread.

    RedGate... Most of you tools are awesome and most of the features are well thought out. And then there is this one.
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