It was a fundamental mistake to embed a Git library in RSSC

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Here are seven reasons why it was a fundamental engineering mistake to embed a C#-git-client library in RedGate SQL Source Control 4:

1. You can't keep up to date for new git versions.

2. You have to show users "Your URL is not supported" for perfectly value git SSH urls.

3. You could have just let the user pick any local working copy that they checked out on their own, instead of maintaining your own private inner working copy.

4. You could literally ShellExecute ("git add "+filename) and then ShellExecute("git commit").

5. GIT SSL configuration on Windows is non trivial and important, and your library doesn't support it.

6. I can't use Gitlab SSH repo urls with your product. I want to use SSH repo urls, I don't want an https (with authentication userid/password), I want certificates.

7. Apparently users also can't use TFS git repos.

Let's look at what other products do:

A. Atlassian SourceSafe includes an embedded git version but also allows you to execute your system version. It has several dialog boxes full of options, and still can't handle all the complexities of git.

B. Visual Studio's git integration is quite complex and deep, and yet it still faces cases where users can't do what they want.

A rethink is required. In the short term a shellexecute("git pull origin master") would be better than whatever logic you've got behind your git pull button right now, but whatever library is in there needs to die a quick painless death, and you need a real full git binary client in your app, ASAP.



  • Hi Warren,

    Thank you for your feedback, I have passed it to our Product Management team.

    Please note that there are several ways of linking to a Git repository in SQL Source Control.

    The method using the LibGit2Sharp library was introduced in SQL Source Control 4, however we've kept the methods previously used in version 3 ( ... ol+systems), and these provide a useful workaround for the limitations you mention in your post.

    If you have any further suggestions on how to improve SQL Source Control we would be glad to hear them!

    Can you please post them on our dedicated uservoice forum? ... ce-control

    Thank you,
    Product Support Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd
    Please see our Help Center for detailed guides on how to use our tools
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