Visual Studio becomes completely unusable after install

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After i installed the latest version of Redgate ANTS, my visual studio runs so slowly that I cannot run my program or debug it in anyway. it is not totally frozen, but it acts like it is. if i leave it for about 30 minutes i can tell it is loading pdb files and etc. I am not even using the performance or memory profiler, however they are added into visual studio as extensions, but again they are not being used.


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    Thanks for your post and so sorry to hear the extension has been causing some trouble for you!

    Can I first double check--did you by any chance install one of our other tools, the .NET Reflector VS extension, in addition to the ANTS add-in?

    .NET Reflector does make some changes in regard to debugging, and particularly, it disables the "Enable just my code" debugging option which may be the reason for the pdb files loading.

    Can you kindly go to Tools>Options>Debugging>General and then if the "Enable just my code" option has indeed been turned off, re-enable it?

    Then, if you do have the .NET Reflector extension installed still, please then go to the .NET Reflector menu and uncheck the option "Disable just my code on startup". Kindly then try restarting Visual Studio to see if the issues persist.

    If so, or if this is not the issue, please let me know and we'll do some more investigating!

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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