My Application crashed (only) in Perfmormance Profiler 5


Our C# application is running as standalone, in Visual Studio 2008 in Debugger mode.

Strange is the issue, that in previous version of our Application, profiling was no problem.

But if I want to profile the application now (since one or two months or so), it every time crashes in Memory Profiler 5.

I have german Windows version, so the text is:
"(xy) funktioniert nicht mehr"
Das Programm wird aufgrund eines Problems nicht richtig ausgeführt. Das Programm wird geschlossen und Sie werden benachrichtigt, wenn eine Lösung verfügbar ist".
There are the buttons "Debuggen" (debug) or "Programm schließen) (close).
(free translation: PalMaster isn't working anymore, it will be closed, and you get informed, if a solution is available"

If I choose Debug with Visual Studio 2008, then following Messagebox appears:
"Unbehandelte Ausnahme bei 0x100191ed" in (xy).exe:
"0xC00000005: Zugriffsverletzng beim Schreiben an Position 0x00000008."

(Unhandled Exception; access violation when writing to Position 0x00000008).

(Windows 7 on 64 bit, .NET 3.5)

I don't know, how I can get it working, so that I can profile our Application. Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.


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