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Needing some help with an idea

gsuttiegsuttie Posts: 80
edited September 5, 2016 4:56AM in DLM Automation
I wanna be able to install the toolbelt and basically automate the creation of a sql script with any schema changes and any data changes between 2 databases from our build server - im thinking best bet is to use the comparison sdk, is that the right thinign or better way to do this?



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    Hi Greg,

    You could use the SDK - that would certainly be one way you could do it. Alternatively, if you have the Toolbelt then you'll have SQL Compare Pro and SQL Data Compare Pro, which have a command line interface which you can use for automating a comparison and creating of a script. Unless you need to use the SDK, for example if you were building this functionality into an existing .net application, then I would recommend using the command line for simplicity.

    If your intention is to try and do some sort of continuous integration/delivery, then have a look at DLM Automation. It works with your existing build server via its Powershell cmdlets or by one of the add-ons we provide for build and release systems.
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