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SQL Transformations

furierfurier Posts: 3
edited November 23, 2016 8:14AM in DLM Automation

I was wondering if DLM Automation support SQL Transformations?

I have an issue were we use synonymes from one database to talk to a second database and they both have evironment specific names with endings like *_Dev or *_Prod

The TeamCity Build Step: Redgate DLM Automation Build, failes with errors saying the X database does not exist when doing the validation step.
I could just fix the failing build step by creating X databases on that server, however when I want to use OctopusDeploy to deploy to different environments I need to make sure that the synonymes are correct for each environment.

if DatabaseName = AccessIT_B1_Dev
CREATE SYNONYM [bhold].[AuditorRuns] FOR [%DatabaseName%].[dbo].[AuditorRuns]
should output
CREATE SYNONYM [bhold].[AuditorRuns] FOR [AccessIT_B1_Dev].[dbo].[AuditorRuns]


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